Some Interesting Links for Image Processing
Some Interesting Links for Image Processing

Interesting links

  1. Mars images: click here
  2. Mistakes in the movies: click here
  3. Interesting historical image manipulation: click here
  4. Image processing and HIV research: click here
  5. Optical illusions: click here
  6. Vision sciences for digital cameras: click here
  7. TED Talk: A cinematic journey through visual effects: click here
  8. Slides from the book by Gonzalez: click here

Some popular image processing packages

  1. Image Processing On Line (IPOL): click here
  2. Matlab (general purpose): click here
  3. ITK (medical imaging): click here
  4. FSL (brain imaging): click here
  5. Adobe Products: click here
  6. Python Imaging Library: click here
  7. OpenCV: click here
  8. Sparse Modeling 1: click here
  9. Sparse Modeling 2: click here
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