Face Detection and Tracking System
Face Detection and Tracking System

Published in: International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research (IJSER), Volume 3, Issue 10, October-2012
Paper Name: Face Detection and Tracking System
Authors: Susmit Sarkar, Arindam Bose
Abstract: Security Measures are one of the things in which technology had entered long time back. Security without Technology cannot be thought of in modern times. Be it in any Bank, Corporate buildings, Educational Institute, anywhere the utilization of vision based systems are used in order to keep a check over the activities going at that place. Robomaniac Intelligent Tracking System is an intelligent system which can be used for security purposes. This project combines the joint venture to capture the frames from a camera, detect the faces, saves the detected faces and tracks the faces.
Keywords: Artificial intelligence, Database management, Face detection, Image processiong, Microcontroller, Security system, Tracking system, USART.

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